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Photo: Niclas Jessen
The Group’s parent company, COWI Holding A/S, is an unlisted Danish public company owned by COWIfonden (the COWIfoundation) and present and former employees.

COWIfonden (the COWIfoundation)

COWIfonden is a commercial, independent foundation holding a majority of the shares in COWI Holding A/S.

The object of the Foundation is to create a stable basis for COWI Holding A/S and to support research and development relating to Danish engineering. COWIfonden supports the COWI Group in accomplishing its vision, securing competitiveness and good financial results.

According to the foundation instrument, the COWIfonden is to retain its controlling interest and to ensure that COWI keeps its financial independence through self-financing, employee-financing or by injection of external capital.

In connection with capital increases in COWI Holding A/S or mergers with other companies the Foundation may give up its position as holder of the majority of shares in the company, if necessary in order to retain and develop the commercial activities as a competitive business at an international level.

COWIfonden holds approximately 85 per cent of the share capital of COWI Holding A/S, including all A shares.

Other shareholders of COWI Holding A/S

Approximately 15 per cent of the share capital of COWI Holding A/S is held by present and former employees of the COWI Group.

COWI wishes to offer shares to the Group’s employees every year in order to achieve a broadly based co-ownership among employees. At the moment the shares are being offered in eight countries.

The formation of COWI Holding A/S in 2010 made it possible for COWI A/S shareholders to convert their shares to new shares in COWI Holding A/S. 

Ownership Char

COWI Holding A/S

COWI Holding A/S is an unlisted Danish public limited liability company. The company was established in 2010 and has a share capital of DKK 282,200,500, with A shares amounting to DKK 200,000,000 and B shares amounting to DKK 82,200,500.

All A shares are held by COWIfonden and carry ten votes for each share amount of DKK 100. B shares carry one vote for each share amount of DKK 100.

LAST UPDATED: 26.04.2017