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Our values

Photo: Niclas Jessen
To COWI high professional and ethical standards are inseparably linked with business-oriented thinking. We act with credibility and integrity in all respects - an attitude that permeates our values, vision and policies.

Our values have remained fundamentally unchanged for decades and are integrated in the way we work and interact.

Integrity We act with credibility and integrity in all respects. 

RespectWe respect those we work with, nature and society. We respect each other in decision making and implementation. We respect friendships across the organization, independent of the hierarchy.

Independence We attach great importance to our financial independence and the freedom it enables in our work.

Professional capability
We are proud of our professional capability. We encourage innovation and professional courage whenever it creates value for our customers.

We have considerable empowerment in our work. We believe in freedom of thinking and the good dialogue.

LAST UPDATED: 06.12.2017