Diversity is fundamental to COWI, inclusion is key.
  • It is part of our values, and we believe that developing a diverse workforce and inclusive culture is simply the right thing to do.

  • A truly diverse workforce will positively impact our people and create value for our customers and our business performance.
COWI’s values are the compass for our behavior.
  • We cultivate diversity and maintain that we have (at least) one thing in common: COWI’s values as the compass for our behavior at work.

  • We all have personal and individual beliefs and values too, but at work we commit to sharing and living by the same set of values – COWI’s values.


  • Ensuring that all leaders act as role models for inclusive leadership by cultivating an open and inclusive culture where diverse perspectives and thoughts are seen as a strength to both people, teams and COWI’s business

  • Creating a respectful and fair work environment where all employees have a sense of belonging and equitable opportunities to thrive and grow

  • Support all employees in realising their potential, regardless of gender, age, race, religion, nationality, ethnic and social origin, disability, political and sexual orientation

  • Take Diversity & Inclusion into account in all relevant decisions and processes and when setting teams and fora

  • Continuously improve equal opportunities in our recruitment and promotion processes

  • Be transparent about Diversity & Inclusion progress (or lack thereof) both internally and externally.

Our goals

Percentage of the underrepresented gender per career level L9-12:

Diversity and inclusion policy stats

The policy includes all COWI entities and subsidiaries.
The policy supports ESG 5 on gender equality and ESG 10 Reduce inequalities
COWI will develop actions to meet our targets and report annually according to legislation.

(The years set as targets in above graph were mistakenly presented incorrectly and were different than stated in our Diversity & Inclusion policy 2023. This has now been corrected. We apologise for any confusion and inconvenience).