COWI Environmental policy

COWI Group recognise we have an impact on the environment. In line with our vision to shape a sustainable and liveable world, we commit to protecting the environment and minimising our impact. 


  • Mitigate negative environmental impact (risks) and strengthen positive environmental impact (opportunities).
  • Carefully consider environmental aspects in operations, e.g., when we consume energy, procure services and products, manage waste and plan business travels.
  • Support the environmental commitment in our organisation.


  • Conduct and maintain a structured assessment of environmental aspects and impacts. Set objectives and plan accordingly.
  • Provide the structure and resources needed for employees to take environmental considerations.
  • Drive internal sustainability communities and provide information/training.
To support our commitment, we have implemented an environmental management system (EMS) through which we will continually improve our environmental performance, reduce our environmental impact, and comply with relevant environmental legislation.