Group occupational health & safety policy

The COWI Group is committed to providing a healthy and safe working environment for all employees which also is essential to COWI’s overall business performance. In COWI health and safety includes psychosocial wellbeing, safety when working on site, physical working environment in COWI offices and accident prevention. COWI’s objective is to be a healthy and accident-free workplace. COWI recognizes that strong health and safety leadership is essential to maintaining and developing a good working environment.


  • Not compromise a healthy and safe working environment for economic or productivity reasons.
  • Encourage employees to openly share and discuss health and safety issues.
  • Emphasize that a healthy and safe working environment requires awareness from both management and employees.
  • Comply with all relevant health & safety legislation and codes of practice.


  • Ensure structured risk assessments within the areas where employees are exposed to hazards.
  • Encourage all employees to contact their manager if they have work-related health and safety concerns.
  • Ensure that health and safety is an integral part of management meetings, department/section meetings and other relevant forums.
  • Actively involve employee representatives in health and safety matters.
  • Provide continuous health and safety leadership training for managers and specific training for employees.
  • Monitor health and safety procedures to ensure compliance and continuous improvements of the health and safety management system.