Electronic communication with shareholders

COWI's shareholder communication happens on electronic media like websites and email.

As a company registered in Denmark COWI Holding A/S is required to publish all official documents in Danish. But as a courtesy to non-Danish shareholders the most important documents are translated into English.

Buying and selling COWI Holding A/S' shares takes place electronically, and when the share trading window is open within 4 weeks after the annual general meeting information about the procedure is published on cowi.com and/or cowiholding.com

Registration of email and system requirements 

In addition to our web sites COWI Holding A/S uses a shareholder portal delivered by Computershare for electronic communication with our shareholders. 

On Computershare's site shareholders can register for forthcoming annual general meetings, watch their shares and register and maintain email address.

The site run by Computershare provides a high level of security for the users of the shareholder portal. All emails you receive from COWI Holding A/S on the email adress shareholders have registred will only include general information available to the market. Information which is specifically for the shareholders or of a sensitive nature (e.g. number of shares, voting rights etc.) will only be available by logging in to the shareholder portal with your personal login. 

In order to receive electronic communication shareholders must ensure that a valid email address is registered on Computershare's site.

Log in with your CPR nr. or TIN-code (Tax identification code) and the password you got from Computershare in an e-mail.

TIN-code is to be used as login by all shareholders except the Danish, who will use their CPR number or NEMID. If you require assistance in using the Computershare' site please contact shares@cowi.com

Get in contact

COWI-medarbejder Linda duncan Wendelboe

Linda Duncan Wendelboe
Head of Communication
Communication, Denmark

Tel: +45 56405351