190 tons bridge lift marks technical climax

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This weekend, a huge 190 tons and 40 meters long bridge segment forming Køge North Station was lifted in place. A major milestone for all involved in the unique bridge which will be a traffic junction for the entire Copenhagen area.


Jens Thorup Laursen, COWIs Project Manager on the design of Køge Nord Station was in place to experience the major lift:

"It was a "dream come true" to see the first bridge segment being lifted in place on the bridge substructure Saturday – after a week delay due to high wind speed last weekend. The lifting procedure is the technical climax after the start of the Tender Design in the summer 2014."

The bridge design made architects DISSING+WIETLING, COBE and COWI was initiated in 2014 and has been awarded with a place on the CNN list; "A bridge too far? - 11 spectacular new bridges that break the mold"

"We were a little bit worried about the lifting of 190 tons steel – using 3 of the largest mobile cranes in Denmark simultaneously. The lifting operation took place without any problems and before nightfall the bridge segment were located on the permanent bearings on top of the piers."

The rest of the bridge structure are lifted in place in two coming lifting actions – the first crossing the motorway M10 – and the second crossing the new high-speed rail tracks.

The station will be finished late summer 2018.

About Køge North

  • Køge North will be a crucial hub for the daily 100.000 people passing through
  • 8.000 daily commutes are expected using the bridge 
  • The bridge will connect high speed rail, s-trains, roads and a large park & ride facility
  • Køge North will be 225 meters long
  • The bridge consist of six similar steel segments
  • The entire bridge with lifts and escalators will have a total weight of 1000 tons



Expected to open in 2018

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