IFC and COWI launch 'Biomass to Energy' guide

The publication "Converting Biomass to Energy – A Guide to Developers and Investors" was presented at this week's Power-Gen Africa Conference in Johannesburg, South Africa.


The guide highlights Biomass to Energy (B2E) perspectives for Sub-Saharan Africa and describes how to plan the process of transitioning to biomass, from assessment of energy need and the area's biomass potential to technical specifications, logistics and economy. COWI assisted The International Finance Corporation (ICF) under the World Bank in preparing the new guide.
A greener future

B2E is a sustainable solution, where energy production based on residues from livestock, wood harvesting, production of cocoa and other products substitutes the use of fossil fuels. In Sub-Saharan Africa, B2E constitutes a major potential renewable energy source. Companies and sector-level aggregators can catalyze the uptake of such biomass-to-energy opportunities and increase their competitiveness and performance. B2E may provide a stable base load capability in power systems with high shares of solar cells and wind power.

Moreover, B2E has a huge potential for employing local staff in the fuel supply chain.

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