Bosch headquarters sets new sustainable standards


Arkitema and COWI are heading the development of a new Danish headquarters for industrial mastodon Bosch. The complex and multi-functional building is the outcome of architects and engineers working closely together from start to finish, and it will be a timber building with high sustainability aspirations.

When Bosch will open its new Danish headquarters in Ballerup in 2023, the building will set new standards and be a milestone in office buildings in a number of aspects. The building aims to be a future blueprint for sustainable Bosch facilities across the world.

The German group explicitly wanted to integrate sustainability in all aspects, focus being on ensuring that the building makes an actual difference.

“We’ve requested a sustainable building since it is important to us to demonstrate that Bosch is responsible and takes climate challenges very seriously. As early as the end of 2020, we want all of our 400 locations across the world to be carbon neutral.

From 2020, Bosch will mainly offset our remaining and inevitable CO₂ emissions by buying green power from existing factories and plants and by carrying out carbon-offsetting services. And we are delighted that this new building will allow us to contribute even more to a future where climate is a priority. We chose to work with a single consultant on our building and chose Arkitema and COWI. I’m confident that working closely with a single consultant has been a huge advantage, and our expectations for the end result are sky-high,” says Thore Pedersen, Executive Vice President of Bosch in Denmark.

A multi-functional sustainable building

The new headquarters will not only hold offices, but serve as a meeting place for many of the German manufacturer’s departments operating in Denmark. To that end, the open groundfloor level will include a number of functions, e.g., training facilities for electricians/fitters, mechanics and the like, a large showroom, and service workshop, to mention a few.

The heart of the building will also be located on the groundfloor, since this is where all employees will meet and gather, regardless of their job. This will contribute to making it an ahierarchical building that is inviting and open to everyone, thanks to its architecture, while boasting a clear, sustainable profile.

“It’s an immensely interesting project that prioritises sustainability. By using timber, we automatically create a project that is sustainable, functional and beautiful. In general, Bosch’s ambitions are sky-high in all parameters, which has allowed us to develop great solutions that will benefit all users of the building. We have prioritised creating a transparent and living building that makes you feel welcome and has room for everyone,” says Dorthe Keis, Partner at Arkitema.

Jointly developed by Arkitema and COWI in all phases

The Ballerup project will be the biggest project jointly developed by Arkitema and COWI from start to end. Consequently, it constitutes a milestone in the cooperation between engineers and architects, which started when COWI acquired Arkitema almost two years ago. A high-complexity project, the building draws on experts in several disciplines.

That makes it a great example of the advantages of having engineers and architects work closely together right from the start.

Søren Pedersen, Head of Section in Energy, Indoor Climate and Sustainability in COWI, explains:

”In light of Bosch’s clear objectives for the building, sustainability was a priority right from the get-go. We combined our knowledge of large-scale, high-complexity buildings with life-cycle assessments (LCA) as a basis for sustainable prioritisation. That goes for the entire foundation, the building shape and large groups of materials – not least the use of cross-laminated timber (CLT) in key structures such as façades and floors. Being able to involve architectural and engineering disciplines early on in the process has been a true advantage, and has allowed us to secure the best framework for a sustainable end result.”

Bosch is one of the leading global parts suppliers to the automotive industry, and holds a number of trademarks in, e.g., power tools, garden tools, appliances and industrial products, and it numbers around 400,000 employees worldwide.

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