CORONAVIRUS: We must take care of each other while keeping the wheels turning


The world is in the middle of a crisis. The Coronavirus is spreading fast on a global scale and governments are taking drastic, but necessary, measures to slow down the virus. COWI looks at this situation very seriously; We do everything we can to take care of our employees and customers – while striving to keep the wheels turning and support the economy.

All parts of society are affected by the outbreak of the Coronavirus and the measures that governments take to slow down the spread of the virus. That is also the case for COWI, who will do everything we can to make sure society gets through this crisis in the best way possible.

Most employees can work from home

Rasmus Ødum, Group Chief Operating Officer in COWI:

“The current situation is very serious. In COWI, we do, like other companies, all we can to take care of each other and reduce the spread of Covid-19; We have established a technical set-up, which enables a large group of our employees to work from home and continue their normal workflow as much as possible. Moreover, meetings take place over Skype.”

Projects continue to widest extent possible 

In addition, COWI is in contact with our customers to hear what we can do to help them in these difficult and uncertain times.

“As companies, we have a responsibility to keep the wheels turning and continue to create the economic growth that society needs. We must do our best to reduce the socioeconomic consequences of the outbreak of the Coronavirus. Currently, we are working hard to find out how we best can take care of our employees’ health and well-being while continue to work on projects, which are so important for the development of society”, concludes Rasmus Ødum.

COWI follows the outbreak of the Coronavirus meticulously and acts in accordance with international authorities and national health authorities. 

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