COWI Belgium wins a new assignment in the field of energy

COWI Consortium wins a new project in the field of energy: Electricity concessions in S-E Liberia.

The global objective of the project of which this contract is to stimulate socio-economic development and reduce poverty by providing rural electrification in the South East of Liberia.
The specific objective of the services being requested is to eventually have in place Electricity Transmission and Distribution Concession Agreements in the major settlements of the South East of Liberia as a pre-condition for EU funding of Electricity Transmission and Distribution works contracts there.

This can be further detailed or articulated as follows:

  1. The outline pre-feasibility studies of the selected concession areas are available and included in the tender documentation (it is reported that these have been already prepared with WB funding and a separate study has already been awarded by the EU to collect and inventory them).
  2. The standardized tender documentation, including a complete set of rules & procedures for the concession contracts as well as the Term Sheets of the main contracts (Concession, PPAs) is available and approved by the competent entity of the Government of Liberia (GoL).
  3. The private sector driven access programmes have a transparent and competitive legal framework.
  4. A competitive and transparent selection process of sponsors/investors for rural electrification pilot project(s) with concessions and renewable energy capacities is available and adopted by the GoL.
  5. The private sector is mobilized to contribute to the electrification of the main settlements in the South East of Liberia.

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