​COWI Belgium wins a New Project with DG Environment

COWI Consortium wins a new contract from the European Union in the field of environment: "Promotion of best practices for national environmental information systems and tools for data harvesting at EU level".

The overall objective of the contract is to define, identify and present best practices of EU and national environmental information management, systems and portals which contribute to active dissemination in the EU and its Member States and explore and test tools to use such publically available data through data harvesting.
The specific objectives are, in particular:

  1. To prepare and consult a guidance on promotion of good practices for national environmental information systems.
  2. To explore and demonstrate that the use of re-useable tools for data harvesting and mining of national environmental information for the purpose of supporting EU environment policy can result in streamlining e-Reporting by making existing processes more effective and efficient using agreed standards;
  3. To test and develop and/or extend (existing) examples for EU end-user applications based on EU user needs and providing practical support for the EU level environmental policy making. The focus should be on identifying or developing re-useable tools and practices.

The project will be conducted in close collaboration with the key EU partners (DG ENV, CLIMA, JRC, ESTAT as well as the EEA) and Member State experts.

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