COWI Belgium wins New Project in the Field of Energy

COWI Consortium won a new project in the field of energy in Benin: "Technical Assistance to assist the West African Power Pool (WAPP) in monitoring and supervising the implementation of the Information and Coordination Center".

The vision of WAPP is to integrate and operate the National Grids as part of a unified Regional Electricity Market in order to ensure a regular supply of electricity at a reliable and competitive cost. To achieve this vision, WAPP has developed priority projects aimed at implementing Generation and Transmission investments towards the effective creation of a functional Power Pool.

The global objective of this assignment is the efficient and effective implementation of the Information and Coordination Center (ICC) project in all its aspects.

The Technical Assistant shall assist the WAPP Secretariat in all the tasks related to the implementation of the project. This will include technical, administrative and financial aspects, together with communication, coordination, interfaces and information management as defined by international standards of project management. He will also assist the WAPP in liaising with all stakeholders involved in project implementation, including the donor(s).

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