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COWI strengthens its international focus


COWI escalates its ambitions in the international market by implementing a number of changes in the organisation. The consulting company intends to concentrate its efforts even more intensely on infrastructure and wind energy, and on furthering growth in the UK and the USA. The changes lead to several COWI chief executives switching roles.

Urbanisation and climate change remain the two megatrends driving the market in both Scandinavia and globally. In particular, COWI believes infrastructure and wind energy to represent massive growth markets in the coming years. Therefore, the consulting company has launched a number of organisational changes to address this potential.

Sector-based approach as growth booster

While COWI's Bridge, Tunnel and Marine Structures (BTM) unit has been responsible for building COWI's international position for many years, the company’s future approach to the market will be based on sectors rather than core services. Lars-Peter Søbye, President, CEO of COWI, explains:

"Creating iconic bridges, complex offshore facilities as well as innovative metros and tunnels, COWI's BTM business has been absolutely essential to COWI making a name for ourselves in the world and reaching the global elite in these disciplines.

The common characteristics of the huge projects that we’re involved in – whether at home in Scandinavia, in the US or South-East Asia – are that they continue to grow in size and complexity and span a range of sectors. Consequently, we’ve decided to reorganise BTM under COWI International, which will combine our interdisciplinary competencies, mainly in infrastructure and wind energy. By taking a sector-based and holistic approach, we aim to increase growth internationally, not least in the US and the UK – while maintaining and developing our strong position in, e.g., bridges.”

Chief executives switching roles

The changes take effect on 1 February 2020 and lead to new roles for several COWI chief executives. Michael Bindseil, who has been EVP of COWI's Danish unit, will be the new EVP of COWI International. His replacement will be Henrik Winther, who has acted as Senior Vice President of Transport and Urban Development in COWI Norway. Last, but not least, Executive Vice President of COWI's BTM unit, Lars Hauge, will spearhead strategic project management as a core discipline and drive a number of COWI's largest infrastructure projects, including the Fehmarn Belt Link.

COWI’s new organisation per 1 February 2020

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