COWI WINS three large Baltic Pipe contracts 


COWI just won three contracts on the proposed billion-euro Baltic Pipe project. The some 950-kilometre gas pipeline will transport gas from Norway to Denmark and Poland to boost competition on the European gas market and secure the gas supply in Poland and Eastern Europe.

One of Denmark’s largest energy projects, the Baltic Pipe will involve 800-950 kilometres of gas pipelines all the way from the North Sea, across Jutland, the Little Belt, Zealand, and further across the Baltic Sea to Poland, extending far into Poland.

Driving the project are Danish Energinet and Polish GAZ-SYSTEM S.A.

The Danish part of the large-scale project consists of several sections, which are tendered in packages. COWI just signed the contract on two out of four packages to provide consultancy on the 70-kilometre onshore gas pipeline on Zealand and the new gas receiver terminal in Nybro north of Varde.

COWI also won a sub-consultancy agreement on the 105-110-kilometre offshore gas pipeline in the North Sea.

Continuing a long history in the gas sector

”COWI has been a part of the Danish gas sector since the beginning and has been involved in a large number of projects, onshore and offshore, including the onshore gas pipeline between Ellund and Egtved in Jutland, which will be integrated in the Baltic Pipe,” says Jens Bjørnmose, Vice President of Bioenergy and Thermal Power in COWI.

“Natural gas is not fossil-free, though it is far greener than coal,” Bjørnmose explains. He also expects the gas pipeline to play a significant role for many years to come.

Increased supply reliability in Europe

The Baltic Pipe project will allow Norwegian gas to be transported to the Polish and Eastern European gas markets, securing increased competition and new supply routes.

The project will also support Poland's transition from coal to natural gas. In Denmark, the Baltic Pipe will entail lower taxes and lower gas bills for Danish gas consumers and secure a more robust gas system with extended supply routes.


800-950 kilometres of new gas pipeline will be established. This will increase the annual capacity to 10 billion m³ of gas.

The project consists of:

  •  A 105-110-kilometre new offshore gas pipeline in the North Sea. The gas pipeline will run from the Norwegian gas pipeline Europipe ll in the North Sea to the gas receiver terminal in Nybro, north of Varde.
  • 210-230 kilometres of gas pipeline to extend the Danish transmission system between Egtved in Jutland and Southeastern Zealand.
  • A new compressor station in Southeastern Zealand. The compressor station will increase the pressure and gas flow in the pipeline in the Baltic Sea.
  • GAZ-SYSTEM will establish a gas pipeline in the Baltic Sea between Denmark and Poland. GAZ-SYSTEM will also perform the necessary extension of the Polish transmission system.

The project is estimated to DKK 12-16 billion.

COWI's services:

  • Sub-consultant to the Norwegian consulting firm IKM on the offshore gas pipeline from the North Sea to the receiver terminal in Nybro, north of Varde.
  • Main consultant on the new receiver terminal in Nybro
  • Main consultant on 70 kilometres of onshore gas pipeline on Zealand.

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