Electrification is on the fast track


As part of a new framework agreement, Energinet has decided to have consultants perform a considerable part of its substation reinvestment projects. As one of the consultants awarded the framework agreement, COWI expects to start up the first projects before the summer break.

Electrification has really gained traction in Denmark, and it is travelling at an unprecedented speed. Heat pumps are being installed in record-breaking numbers, new charging stations for electric cars are being established, and major green fuel production facilities, also known as power-to-x, will be connected to the grid in the coming years. 

The increasing power consumption puts a strain on the substations that make up the hubs of Denmark's main power grid. Some of the stations are in need of an upgrade or expansion, and several new stations need to be established.

It is a huge undertaking, and to ensure swift execution and avoid the power grid becoming a bottleneck in the green transition, Energinet has decided to have external consultants perform large parts of this task by means of a comprehensive framework agreement.

COWI is one of the winning actors and will in the next five years assist Energinet in everything from design, procurement, construction and testing of the substations, before handing them over to Energinet's operations unit. Indeed, COWI expects to kick off the first projects before the summer break.

"Energinet plays a key role in the green transition since a robust power grid is a precondition for an electrified, green society. It's all hands on deck on this one, and naturally we're excited to be among those chosen to help future-proof our energy supply," says Jens Bjørnmose, Senior Business Development Director for the green transition in COWI.

The framework agreement has a total budget of approx. DKK 372 million (EUR 50 million), which will be invested in the next five years.

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