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The 3,000+ person community of Kucyaruseke in Rwanda is celebrating improved access to healthcare, education and markets for years to come, thanks to a brand new footbridge built in collaboration with 10 volunteer employees from COWI and Freyssinet, a dedicated team of local labourers, and the non-profit organisation Bridges to Prosperity.

Earlier this year, five COWI employees travelled to Kucyaruseke in southern Rwanda to work alongside a team of local labourers to install the main structure of an 80m long footbridge

In the past, locals had to rely on a very basic and precarious log bridge as one of their primary crossings over the Akanyaru River to access government services and reach the market to buy and sell goods. During the rainy season, the river routinely flooded and submerged the log bridge. Residents either had to wait for the rain to subside (which could be days at a time), or add an additional 6km to their 2 hour journey to the market. With this new footbridge, the community now has a safe and permanent crossing.

"A lot of the work we do in the office sometimes feels a bit distant. Here, we get to apply our skills and see a solution very quickly, which helps a lot of people."
Musa Chunge Project Lead

Meet the team behind the project

Watch our new video to learn more about our work with Bridges to Prosperity.

This is the eighth Bridges to Prosperity project that COWI has completed globally, including four in Rwanda, two in Nicaragua and two in Panama.


Bridges to Prosperity envisions a world where poverty caused by rural isolation no longer exists. Rural isolation is a root cause of poverty, and we believe that connection is the foundation to opportunity. We work with local communities, partners and foundations, to build footbridges that connect residents to education, health care and economic opportunity. With a sophisticated data collection and evaluation program, we’re able to prove that the value and impact of our work is sustained long after the opening celebration. Learn more at

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