Framework contract signed for fjord crossings in North-West Norway


In December, AMC (Aas-Jakobsen, COWI and Multiconsult with Johs Holt) and partners signed a framework contract with the Norwegian Public Roads Administration for fjord crossings in North-West Norway.

The AMC design group signed a framework contract on Tuesday 17 December to develop fjord crossings on three of the seven fjords outlined in the ‘Ferry-free E39’ project.

AMC has extensive experience from earlier bridge projects in the region.

“We are very pleased that our group has been awarded the framework contract. The experience and expertise that we have gained from planning and designing earlier bridge projects are very relevant to such an important project as this,” says Gunnar Egset, General Manager of Johs Holt / Department Manager of Multiconsult.

A major part of the framework contract for the fjord crossings will be a technical feasibility study.

“The fjords covered by the framework contract are all very different, with differing effects from waves, wind and weather. Projects like this demand thoroughness and solid engineering expertise. We are looking forward to starting work,” says Erik Sundet, Head of Department for Bridges at COWI.

Svein Erik Jakobsen from Aas-Jakobsen describes the framework contract as very exciting.

“Our group brings very relevant skills to the table for the technical solutions involved in this type of project. With the collective skills that the group has built up from similar projects, I have no doubt that we will deliver very good designs,” says Jakobsen.

The various feasibility studies will start in 2020. The tasks will be assigned to the different consulting groups following cut-down tendering procedures in the new year.

Three different groups have signed framework contracts with the Norwegian Public Roads Administration. The purpose of the framework contracts is to draw up pre-project proposals covering the design and specification of the bridge structures and road alignments.

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