COWIs Danish HQ is situated in Lyngby - a town some 12 km north of Copenhagen and known for being an innovation district

Local partnerships matter


On 10 November Science City Lyngby celebrated its first 10 years as a powerful knowledge hub for innovation and growth. It shows that local partnerships matter – also when the ambition is to solve global challenges.  

“We're facing the gigantic task of redesigning the world while it's in operation, so to speak. No company can do that on their own. To succeed, we need to join forces.” That was one of the key takeaways when the partnership “Science City Lyngby” celebrated its 10th anniversary on November 10.

COWI is a founding member of Science City Lyngby (SCL) which brings together more than 80 private businesses within the municipality where COWI’s head quarter is located. The partnership includes other key players in the green transition like Novozymes, Ørsted, Microsoft, Aquaporin, Topsøe, plus the leading technical university, DTU as well as local housing organisations and cultural institutions, all sharing the ambition of building a world-class ecosystem of educational institutions, companies, talent, and entrepreneurs at all levels. 

“The network open the city's doors to insights into some of the biggest topics of the time, such as sustainability, business development, entrepreneurship, research facilities, data, mobility, financing,” says COWI's Senior Market director Michael Knørr Skov who is currently chairing the board of SCL. 

Our CEO, Jens Højgaard Christoffersen participated in the anniversary event and a panel discussion about partnerships and their role in the green transition. 

Watch the video to see more.

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