Securing water supply requires proper investment planning


COWI has delivered a comprehensive report on investment planning in the water and sanitation sector to the Danish Environmental Protection Agency. The report provides a proposal for actions towards proper investment planning. Hopefully, the report may serve as a valuable source of inspiration for decision makers and practitioners eager to improve the cost-effectiveness of the delivery of some of the most basic services to humans, safe drinking water and sanitation.

Investment planning does not merely cover technology, equipment, and software. It is also about making sure water service providers have the right incentives and make the right calculations and analyses. Proper investment planning can provide better framework conditions for water service providers and may also contribute to fewer leakages in areas with water scarcity. Investment planning can therefore play an essential role in terms of water supply. 

The report includes several cases from China, but also South Africa, Spain, Ukraine, and Denmark and thereby provides key findings all over the world. The cases contribute to the report by being concrete, detailed, and user-friendly. The report provides a proposal for actions towards proper investment planning. Some of these are more relevant for some countries and some Water Service Providers than for others.

The report found that water service providers should meet to requirements to be successful when conducting investment planning. The Total Cost of Ownership Approach should be applied, and an asset management system should be applied. Both requirements are elaborated in the report. The report indicates the far-reaching potential in proper investment planning in the water and sanitation sector.

The report has been prepared within the framework of the China Europe Water Platform (CEWP). 

Read the report here.

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