The world's first energy island, inspired by the force of nature


As stated by the VindØ consortium, ambitious climate targets require ambitious solutions. Working with Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners and the consortium, we at COWI and Arkitema have had the opportunity to develop alternative concepts to visualise what the world's first energy island could look like. This is only one of the many possible outcomes - the final design concept and island configuration will be decided at a later stage.

With a goal to create a base for the infrastructure that makes the green transition possible, while respecting harsh sea conditions and the landscape of the coast, here's our take on how the artificial island could potentially be formed. An energy hub nestled in the wild waters of the North Sea, inspired by the force of nature, the dunes, and their resistant vegetation on the Danish West Coast. Becoming Denmark's westernmost point and an iconic setting 100 km off the coast, surrounded by offshore wind farms producing clean energy.

We look forward to being a part of the exciting development of the energy island and contributing to the green transition that is happening right now.

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