Meet COWI Group CFO, Natalie Shaverdian Riise-Knudsen

Natalie Shaverdian Riise-Knudsen, Group Chief Financial Officer

Group CFO, Natalie Shaverdian Riise-Knudsen, started in COWI in September 2021. She came from a position as Vice President of Business Finance in Novozymes and has solid international experience, especially in finance, IT, analysis, management and change.

Aside from her position in Novozymes, she has experience from management positions in finance, IT and change with insurance giant RSA Nordic, key finance positions in GE Capital Nordic and GE Capital and, lastly, she worked as an associate in Global Risk Management Services in PwC Sweden.

She holds an MSc in Business and Administration with MBA courses in corporate finance and marketing.

About Natalie Shaverdian Riise-Knudsen

  • Group CFO, COWI Holding A/S
  • CFO since: September 2021
  • Started in COWI: 2021
  • Year of birth: 1981
  • Nationality: Swedish-Iranian