COWI in Denmark

Henrik Winther
​Executive Vice President
Henrik Winther
Jasper Kyndi
Senior Technical Director, Operations
Jørgen Pedersen

Malene Axlev

David Cuquerella Albert
global advisory

Senior Vice President: David Cuquerella Albert
Senior Project Director: Lars Green Lauridsen
Senior Market Director: Mikael Keller

Young woman smiling in glasses with a blue blazer standing outside

Senior Vice President: Gitte Godsk Dalgaard
Senior Market Director: Michael Knørr Skov
Senior Project Director: Jesper Skaarup

Society, Economics and Environment
Vice Presidents: Anne Mette R. von Benzon and Claus C. Rebien

Environment and People
Vice Presidents: Lars Nissen and Louise Rebien Villefrance

Nature and Areas
Vice Presidents: Henrik Nielsen and Henrik Steen Pedersen

Urban Planning and Transport
Vice Presidents: Jesper Bredgaard and Rasmus Guldborg Jensen

Water and Climate Adaptation
Vice Presidents: Mette Christensen and Jan Scheel 

SLSA Sidsel Stabell Hoppe

Senior Vice President: Sidsel Stabell Hoppe
Senior Market Director: Peter Hostrup Rasmussen
Senior Project Director: Flemming Billeskov Nissen
Senior Project Director: Niels Henrik Kjær Jensen
Senior Project Director: Christian Fürstnow
Senior Technical Director: Erik Amtoft

Railways and Metros

Vice President: Søren Husted

Roads, airports and digitalization
Vice president: Rasmus Kolding

Transport Infrastructure South Denmark
Vice President: Rune Skovmand

Transport Infrastructure Central Denmark
Vice President: Vibeke Poulsen

Transport Infrastructure North Denmark
Vice President: René Carlsbæk Gundersen

Bridges and Civil Structures 
Vice President: Annette Dall

Frans Dupont
​Buildings and industry

Senior Vice President: Frans Dupont
Senior Project Director: Per Fuglsang Birkelund
Senior Project Director: Mikael Voldborg
Senior Business Development Director: Ervin Nordahl Haukrogh
Senior Digital Development Director: Niels Treldal

Project Management Consultancy, East Denmark
Vice President: Marie Louise Worsøe

Project Management Consultancy, West Denmark
Vice President: Lars Becher

Buildings, East Denmark
Vice President: Annette Andersen
Vice President: Mikael Voldborg

Buildings, Central Denmark
Vice President: Sine Juul Praastrup

Buildings, North Denmark
Vice President: Thomas Nørgaard Christensen   
Buildings, South Denmark and Funen
Vice President: Søren Møller Andersen

Industry and Data Centres
Vice President: Nicolai Linde