Values, vision and mission

Our values

To COWI high professional and ethical standards are inseparably linked with business-oriented thinking. We act with credibility and integrity in all respects - an attitude that permeates our values, vision and policies.

Our values have remained fundamentally unchanged for decades and are integrated in the way we work and interact.


We act with credibility and integrity in all respects.


We respect those we work with, nature and society. We respect each other in decision making and implementation. We respect friendships across the organization, independent of the hierarchy.


We attach great importance to our financial independence and the freedom it enables in our work.

Professional capability

We are proud of our professional capability. We encourage innovation and professional courage whenever it creates value for our customers.


We have considerable empowerment in our work. We believe in freedom of thinking and the good dialogue.

Vision and mission

Our vision expresses the direction which we wish COWI to take. Our mission is our reason for being. Together with our strategy and values, they point us to the future.

Our vision

Our vision is to create coherence in tomorrow’s sustainable societies.

We want to be:

An industry top player

We are a top earner in the industry creating substantial value to enable growth and innovation

The customer’s first choice

COWI is the customer’s partner of choice when it comes to creating innovation and sustainable value

The best people

We have the highest level of competencies and knowledge sharing in the industry based on our high performance teams

A leading brand

COWI is the strongest brand and the preferred consultant in all of our designated markets

World-class international specialists

We are recognised as the world leader within our international business lines

Excellent operations

Our continuous improvement efforts benchmark with the best

Our mission

We are consultants creating significant value for customers, people and society through our knowledge and 360° approach by:

  • Involving and engaging customers and stakeholders in co-creating optimum solutions.
  • Applying world-class knowledge and experience globally and locally based on engineering, economics and environmental science.
  • Creating prosperity and opportunities for customers, employees, shareholders and other stakeholders.

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