Diversity and inclusion are everybody’s business

Imagine joining a discussion with copies of yourself – it would not be very fun, right? It is our different backgrounds, experience and insights that make it fun to go to work and where the best ideas arise. That is why it is up to all of us to both contribute to and embrace diversity and inclusion. It simply makes the world a more inspiring place to be. 

Diversity and inclusion are part of our values, and we believe that developing a diverse workforce and inclusive culture is simply the right thing to do. A truly diverse workforce will positively impact our people and create value for our customers and our business performance. We may not get there overnight, but we are strongly dedicated to the journey.

What we mean

We understand diversity broadly. We include conventional parameters such as gender, age, race, religion, nationality, ethnic and social origin, disability, political and sexual orientation. But we also see the educational background, professional experience and personality type as important parameters in a truly diverse workforce.

By inclusion, we mean a culture where we all, regardless of our place in the organisation, actively take responsibility for:

  • promoting equal opportunities and successful integration of a truly diverse workforce
  • valuing each other as colleagues and creating a friendly work environment
  • acknowledging our differences and how we, in different ways, contribute to COWI’s culture and business outcomes.

In our efforts to create a more diverse and inclusive organisation, we commit to:

Creating a respectful and fair work environment where all employees have a sense of belonging and equitable opportunities to thrive and grow.

Supporting all employees in realising their potential, regardless of gender, age, race, religion, nationality, ethnic and social origin, disability, political and sexual orientation.

Continuously improving equal opportunities in our recruitment and promotion processes.

Ensuring that all leaders act as role models for inclusive leadership by cultivating an open and inclusive culture where diverse perspectives and thoughts are seen as a strength to both people, teams and COWI’s business.

Taking diversity and inclusion into account in all relevant decisions and processes and when setting teams and fora.

Being transparent about diversity and inclusion progress (or lack thereof) both internally and externally.

Aspiring for gender diversity in management

We believe ensuring equality across the entire organisation, also at management level, is essential. Therefore, our goal is that by 2030, the underrepresented gender (currently women) fills at least 40 per cent of positions at the higher career levels (9-12).

Percentage of the underrepresented gender  per career level

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A perfect dish contains many ingredients

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