Building an artificial island in the North Sea that produces enough energy to power ten million households in Europe? Challenge accepted!

Wind conditions in the North Sea are hardly ideal for many things, but they are more than optimal for green energy production. Located 100 km off the Danish west coast, in 25-30-metre-deep water, the island will produce 10 GW electricity from 10 surrounding offshore wind farms. 

This energy hub will also host an innovation zone with potential for large-scale energy storage and green fuel production. 

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Energy Island Illustration

The project in a nutshell

  • Is located 100 km offshore in the North Sea.
  • Covers at least 120,000 m².
  • Includes ten wind farms and 670 wind turbines.
  • Will produce ten GW electricity.
  • Will power ten million households in countries surrounding the North Sea.
  • Holds a large potential for green fuels production.
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The more complex, the better

This is one of our most complex projects. Not only do we get to build an artificial island in the middle of the North Sea that must withstand even 25-metre waves. We also get to design facilities, a port, a transmission system and a green hydrogen plant – not to mention the offshore windfarms that number 670 monopiles. This is what we call an all-in-one project.

Facing the forces of nature

The biggest challenge lies in designing for the unforgiving environment. One hundred kilometers away from the nearest shore, we need to build an island that will stand the test of time: high enough to keep the wave-overtopping water out, and strong enough to resist the natural forces and keep maintenance requirements to a minimum. 

Stormy blue sea with birds above
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It has never been done before

What is the benefit of attempting something that no one has done before? We get to gain a holistic view and unparalleled experience. Working on complex projects like this incites us to step out of our comfort zone and collaborate beyond departments and learn from each other.

Hi, I’m already on it

“To me, it is personally very motivating that we get to make the world a more sustainable place for everyone. Thanks to this project, I got to learn about and work on things that, as a hydraulics engineer, I would normally never work with.” 

Anders Kristensen, Specialist, Denmark

Read my full story!

We need you

  • High-voltage engineers
  • Marine specialists
  • Geologists
  • Civil engineers.

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