Helping Ireland meet its ambitions of reaching 80% renewable energy by 2030? Challenge accepted!

The North Irish Sea Array (NISA) offshore wind farm is the first offshore competition under the Renewable Electricity Support Scheme (ORESS-1) in Ireland. It is a comprehensive project and we are excited to support Statkraft in preparing the auction application with foundation concept design, electrical design, construction, O&M port assessment and cost model development.

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The project in a nutshell

  • Located East of north County Dublin, Meath and Louth.
  • 30 to 36 turbines arranged in 3 groups.
  • Placed in 50-60-meter-deep water, 12,5 – 23,5 km distance from the shore.
  • 500 MW output capacity with the possibility to extend with an extra 250 MW.
  • The energy will be used to power 500,000 Irish households.
  • Planned to become operational by 2026.
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Levelised Cost of Energy in focus

Working against challenges in the marketplace, such as rising material costs and pressures to increase renewable energy capacity, keeping the Levelised Cost of Energy (LCOE) at the forefront of the application will be central to all work on the project. Our strategy is to ensure lifetime cost and revenue generation at the centre of decision making in the early phases through the development.

Tough conditions, no problem

The tough geotechnical conditions made us think outside of the box and realize that the most obvious choices for monopile installation are not always the most fitting ones. Coming up with several new technical solutions for the rough terrain is one the most interesting challenges of this project. 

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Dynamic cooperation across time zones

NISA is a dynamic project where 60 members from across business units represent all types of engineering expertise. The work is distributed between London, Hamburg, Chennai, Oslo and Copenhagen but this doesn’t stop us from having a great cooperation across time zones.

We need you

  • High voltage engineers
  • Marine specialists
  • Geologists
  • Civil engineers

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