Reducing carbon emissions by up to 1.7 million tonnes per year? Challenge accepted!

Preem plans to rebuild the Synsat facility in Lysekil to house large-scale production of fuels from renewable raw materials. It is a project that will have profound impact on society and we are happy to support them in their journey to phase out fossil fuels. The aim is to reduce carbon emissions by up to 1.7 million tonnes per year and your skills and experience can make all the difference. Are you up for a challenge?

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The project in a nutshell

  • Carbon dioxide emissions can be reduced by up to 1.7 million tonnes. That is over a third of all CO₂ emissions from lorries in Sweden in 2021.
  • Crude oil is replaced, among other things, by leftovers from fast-food kitchens.
  • We will require expertise from, among others, process engineers, designers and project managers.
  • We are managing the design, engineering and project management of this vital project.
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Make a lasting impact

Ready for a collaborative adventure towards a greener tomorrow? What if you could work on a project that combines expertise, experience and established infrastructure, all while enjoying a challenge that encourages personal growth? Dive into this exciting transformation, expand your skills, make new connections and leave a lasting impact!

Become a champion

Partnering with Preem and Synsat, we are dedicated to the transformative renovation of the Lysekil facility. Championing this shift from fossil fuels to renewables is a challenge we are looking forward to. This ambitious project will establish Synsat as the largest biofuel production facility in Scandinavia, solidifying our collective role in shaping a greener future.

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Challenges await!

What if you could play an essential role in tackling the challenges of renewable feedstocks like tall oil, rapeseed oil, and recycled cooking oil, which offer more oxygen than fossil fuels? By engaging with this vital process and discovering that hydrogen is the key to removing excess oxygen, you'll contribute to a more sustainable future.

Hi, we’re already on it

What I truly appreciate about working at COWI is the supportive work environment. My department has a strong sense of community, where we collaborate to create a positive workplace and also some really impressive results.

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We need you and all these others on the project

  • Process engineers
  • Designers
  • Project managers
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