How can new infrastructure support a sustainable future?

How do we ensure that the massive investments in new roads, bridges and bicycle paths are also a key driver in the green transition?

A new infrastructure plan for Denmark is in place, and a majority in the Danish Parliament has agreed on the necessary initiatives for growth and mobility towards 2035.

In this webinar, the Danish Minister of Transportation, Benny Engelbrecht, share his perspectives and ambitions about the green mobility in Denmark at our Green Hour webinar in August 2021.

The webinar opened up for questions from the audience and a Q&A session with focus on how the green ambitions in the infrastructure plan can be realised, and how we ensure that the infrastructure investments are as green as possible.

The potential is indeed present. The climate partnership for the building- and construction sector has estimated that green initiatives in the construction sector can potentially reduce CO2 with up to 5 million tonnes in the period 2023-2030.

(In Danish)


  • Benny Engelbrecht, Danish Minister of Transportation
  • Anja Bach Eriksson, Executive Chairman at M.J. Eriksson Holding A/S
  • Michael Knørr Skov, Senior Market Director, COWI
  • Thor Möger Pedersen (moderator), Senior Director, Green Transition and Sustainability, COWI

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