We get it

Speak Revit? Is BIM the best thing that happened since LOTR? Does electrolysis make you tick? Would you rather be a climate warrior than worrier?

We get it!

Join our community of more than 200 students and interns at COWI. Learn from people who also get it, have fun and work on real projects. Help bring about the solutions that will make the future a good place to be.

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Jens D in green shirt holding a mini wind mill

Jens Kristian Dahl

Nothing prepares you for the real world like the real world

"To me being a student assistant means that I can apply what I learn at university to projects in the real world. I'm learning what it is like to work as an engineer."

Jens Kristian Dahl became a student assistant in COWI Wind Energy and Renewables Management as an undergraduate for a number of reasons.

"In busy periods I want to prioritise university, but I also want to work with highly competent professionals, who share their knowledge and experience. At COWI I can work on separate parts of projects, add real value and be part of the team."

Annas in blue shirt holding a calculator

Annas Jadi

Annas believes diversity helps create a positive difference 

"I see building bridges between engineers and economists as one of the most important and interesting tasks moving a business like COWI into the future."

Annas Jadi studies Industrial Engineering and Management at DTU and works in COWI Finance as a student assistance.

"At COWI I get challenged with complex and exciting projects. It’s a forward thinking, ambitious and internationally minded company. In my team we are 5 or 6 different nationalities, which creates a special atmosphere. And with offices all over the world I see great opportunities to work in other countries.”

Emely in a dress holding a cable reel

Emmely Vigsø

Emmely joined for the water
And found it right next to the fun 

"I learn so much from my colleagues and the projects, that I would never get from studying alone". Emmely Vigsø studies Environmental Engineering at DTU and is a student assistant in Policy, planning and infrastructure. 

"I am a bit of a water nerd and wanted to work at a big place with competent people and exciting projects. At COWI I work on real projects with a high degree of independence and responsibility, but also with help and support from the team.

On top of that everyone is friendly and helpful. We have a focus on wellbeing, so not everything is work and water, but also social events, Friday bars and so on." 

Jens R in bordo turtleneck holding a model

Jens Bro Ross

One-to-one sparring and discussions with the most competent specialists

"From university we are almost used to the professors not having time to answer questions. At COWI I'm surrounded by "professors", who love to talk and explain about our work."

Jens joined COWI's Buildings division as a bachelor from DTU and works part time while studying bearing structures. 

"It can be a difficult balance when it’s busy at university, but working with real projects gives experience, I just couldn't get elsewhere. I'm surrounded by colleagues senior to me that are eager to discuss the projects and provide sparring. It’s a steep and fast learning process, but I'm sure it'll pay off in the end.”

A place to work and so much more

When joining COWI, you will be a part of our student network where you get to experience both social and professional events and networking such as our yearly student summit, Friday bars and local activities. You will be a part of creating tomorrow’s sustainable future working on exciting projects from around the world.

Did you know that COWI has worked on projects such as Royal Arena in Copenhagen, AROS in Aarhus and the Storseisundet Bridge in Norway featured in the newest James Bond movie? Now’s your chance to work on exciting, sustainable projects as well!

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Make the world of a difference

What if your job could be more than work, projects and a paycheck? Good news, it actually can! Within 3-5 years COWI will only engage in sustainable projects within areas such as green energy transition, wind energy and climate protection. And you can be a part of it. Then your hard work not only pays the rent. It also creates a better world for all of us to live in.

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