When it comes to buildings, big is beautiful. Big buildings are more challenging and interesting to work on. Big means increased complexity and learning and getting to work on big building projects can be career-defining. 

Big projects call for curiosity and courage. To succeed on a big building project, you need not just to be a great engineer: You also have to be great at collaborating and co-creating. 

The reward is working on projects that break new ground and set standards in sustainability, carbon capture and climate-neutral buildings. If you are up for it, we have the next exciting projects lined up. 

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Your next project could be … similar to these

We have some very big building projects coming up. But we also have some very big projects going on, and what better way to show what you could be working on than sharing what we are already doing.

The Lego Group factory building - drone shot

160,000 m² climate-neutral LEGO GROUP manufacturing facility in Virginia, USA 

The LEGO Group is expanding its production in the USA with a very big facility that is very ambitious when it comes to climate and sustainability.

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Replacing an entire water reservoir while preserving protected architecture 

The old concrete tanks of Tinghøj Water Reservoir in Copenhagen represent unique and protected architecture. However, the tanks are no longer safe and need to be replaced and their capacity increased to meet the demands of a growing population.

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egg looking like construction in the ground - hofor project
father flying kite with his daughter

Making 'packaging' for carbon capture is a task with no given answers 

Carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS) is new territory for engineers and the solutions change as they are being developed. This means that the buildings that house CCUS are also subject to ongoing changes and iterations.

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Build for the future with us 

When we engage in new building projects, we look for shared values and objectives with our customers. It is part of our mission to work together with likeminded customers to create buildings for the future that focus on sustainability, carbon neutrality and 'fossil out’. 

Meet some of our likeminded colleagues

Uffe Jensen smiling at the sunny beach

Uffe Jensen

Senior Project Director 

“We are building large production facilities and offices for the future using our experience and professionalism in a more challenging and more satisfying way than I have tried before.”

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brown haired woman smiling outside dressed in black - Gitte Gylling

Gitte Gylling

Green Transition and Sustainability Director

“The building industry is responsible for 40 % of the world’s CO2-emissions and we have an obligation to do everything we can to reduce this. In COWI every single project has a dedicated Sustainability Lead / Green Lead, and we work with CO₂-calculations on every single part of every project.” 

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dark curly haired woman with glasses in a pink jacket smiling - Francesca Destefano

Francesca Destefano

Head of Section, Project Management

“A lot of the water facilities have reached an age where they need to undergo fundamental maintenance. It is big and complex projects involving different specialists and disciplines. The challenge is to carry out the necessary renovations with minimum impact.”

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