It is assignments like this new LEGO Group facility that makes us say that your next project could be mind-blowing, sustainable and career-defining. 

The LEGO Group is expanding its production in the USA with a facility that is not only very big: It is also very ambitious when it comes to climate and sustainability. 

The 160,000 m² manufacturing facility in Virginia, USA, is located in green surroundings on a 137-hectare hilly terrain bordering on the James River. Everything is designed and built with a focus on social sustainability, the working environment and inclusion of the outdoor environment.

Your next project could be … like this

At COWI, we have more projects like this coming up and need highly qualified engineers with five to ten years of experience. 

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More challenging and more satisfying

With LEGO Group, we are building large production facilities and large offices for the future. That means exploring and literally inventing how to make very big carbon-neutral buildings. We are executing 'fossil out' projects using brand new technology that forces us to invent things as we learn and apply our experience and professionalism in a more challenging and more satisfying way than I have ever tried before. 

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Facts about the project

  • Buildings: A 160,000 m² manufacturing facility
  • Location: A 137-hectare area bordering on the James River in Virginia, USA.
  • Deliverables
    • Initial site due diligence and master plan
    • Schematic design and design development for the complete manufacturing facility
    • Representative services, quality assurance and follow-up during the design phase and construction
    • Project management and design of all architectural and engineering services, including landscaping and infrastructure, building design, structures, civil works, mechanical systems, electrical systems, fire prevention measures and sustainability aimed at achieving LEED Gold certification.
  • The factory is expected to open in 2025 and will create over 1,700 jobs during the coming years
  • Project partners: The LEGO Group and COWI/Arkitema, including COWI in New York. 

Highest LEED certification and climate-neutral

The LEGO Group manufacturing facility in Virginia is an ambitious green project designed for the one of the highest LEED certifications. The facility will also be designed to ensure climate-neutral operation, and sustainability is central to the project. 

The many green initiatives involve solar roofs, a solar panel park, a rainwater recycling plant as well as timber structures instead of steel and concrete structures in part of the build.

Building on trust and past experience 

The project builds on the LEGO Group’s and COWI’s joint experience from cooperating on other manufacturing projects. LEGO Group is determined to focus on creating the best conditions for its production and staff while considering social sustainability, the working environment and inclusion of the outdoor environment. The nature surrounding the facility will be integrated into the project through outdoor staff facilities promoting social interaction and physical activity.