the freshwater nerd

Simone Møller Zacho – Biologist and consultant within Water and Nature in Lyngby

"My favourite days are those in the field".

Simone’s job is to make sure we preserve nature and the species surrounding our clients' projects - and she never leaves the office without her handheld magnifying glass.

Meet her here to see what a true biologist works with in COWI.

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INGENØRD [enɕəˈnɶɐ̯ˀd]: An honorary title for people who enjoy immersing themselves in professional or personal passions, a trait that can generate a never-ending train of thought or result in constant attempts to discover connections and solve problems – which often leads to heated conversations with other 'ingenørds'. Often, but not necessarily, they have a degree in engineering.

These weeks, we celebrate our ingenørds. The smart, the fun, the great colleagues. Do you want to join us? Then check out our vacant positions in Denmark.


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