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Lise Dannesboe (36) – Senior Sustainability Specialist within Buildings

"So, basically, when we are to construct a building, we should make it more sustainable than the previous building we built."

Lise Dannesboe spends most of her time advising COWI's clients about how they can reduce the impact buildings have on our climate and increase its sustainable value. However, when she is not assisting clients, she is involved in 'The Green Hand', an internal initiative in COWI aimed at expanding her colleagues' knowledge about sustainability. Technically, Lise is working to make her role obsolete, as the ultimate goal is to enable all her colleagues to act as sustainability advocates instead of Lise, "so that [...] I can do something completely different.", as Lise says.

Ingenord Lise Dannesboe

Meet Lise here and learn more about how she helps reduce CO₂ emissions from the buildings and construction industry.

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