The biggest university development in Norway

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Building a new 63,000 square metre school building, demolishing 30 houses, rerouting a county road and establishing a fish laboratory in an old pig shed.These are just some of the things that will have to be coordinated when the biggest-ever development in the university and higher education sector in Norway gets under way.

The expansion of the veterinary college calls for much the same approach as hospital projects. The clinics will become Norway’s university hospital for animals, and just as advanced as university hospitals for people, although the patients are different in size – both bigger and smaller.

The project is very complex and varied, with an animal hospital, isolation units, laboratories and other specialised rooms which call for a lot of ground-breaking work.
One of COWI’s tasks is to ensure that the interfaces between all the systems – ventilation, lighting, blinds and alarms – talk to each other and interact correctly, in complicated areas covering 63,000 sqm.


Ås, Norway

2016 -

Norwegian Directorate of Public Construction and Property


  • Technical construction management for veterinary buildings
  • Covers all technical aspects in addition to electrical and HVAC solutions



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