Military airfield with rapid response capability in northern Norway

Airports Solutions
The air force base at Evenes in Nordland is to be developed to handle QRA (quick reaction alert) missions, and will be home to new F-35 fighters and the main base for P-8A maritime patrol planes.

Evenes will be the rapid response base responsible for the airspace in the north of Norway, and will handle aspects of battle training, as well as national, Nordic and allied military air exercises.

COWI has a framework contract for consulting and project planning services for the Norwegian Defence Estates air base.
The base will be equipped to support operations with up to 15 aircraft at once, and duty buildings, administration buildings and other necessary infrastructure will be developed.
Evenes will be able to support operations, exercises and QRA deployments with F-35s once the F-35 takes over this role from the F-16, which is provisionally scheduled for 2021-2022.

Nordic, COWI and Rambøll make up the NCR project team and cover all project planning services including planning group management.


Evenes, Norway

2016 - 2023

Norwegian Defence Estates Agency


  •  Unit manager
  • Landscape architecture
  • Public financing
  • Civil engineering
  • HVAC
  • Electrical
  • Safety
  • Acoustics
  • Fire safety
  • Geotechnics
  • Water and drainage
  • Cost management
  • ICT
  • HSE/external environment
  • Automation/SD/ITB
  • Social aspects
  • Traffic
  • Logistics
  • Building physics
  • Energy

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