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The LEGO Group plans to expand its production with a 160,000 m² manufacturing facility in Virginia, U.S.

The project will be located in green surroundings on a 137-ha hill terrain industrial site bordering on the James River.

The project is an ambitious green project designed for the highest possible LEED certification. The facility will be designed to be climate-neutral run, and sustainability is thus central to the project. The many green initiatives involve roof-mounted solar panels, a solar panel park on the site, a rainwater recycling plant as well as timber structures instead of steel and concrete structures in part of the build. 

The LEGO Group facility in U.S.

Visualisation: LEGO / COWI/Arkitema

The project builds on the LEGO Group’s and the consultants’ joint experience from cooperation on other manufacturing projects across the world. The LEGO Group thus continues to have great focus on creating the best conditions for its production and staff while taking social sustainability, the work environment and inclusion of the outdoor environment into consideration. In the area surrounding the facility, the site’s nature will be integrated into the project through outdoor staff facilities promoting social interaction and physical activity in green surroundings.

The manufacturing facility includes a production building, an administration building, a high-bay store, a packing area, an energy center as well as surrounding areas. The factory is expected to open in 2025 and will create around 1700 jobs during the coming years. 

The LEGO Group facility in U.S.

Visualisation: LEGO / COWI/Arkitema


The project is developed in close cooperation between the LEGO Group and COWI/Arkitema, including COWI’s New York office, and several local consultants in the U.S. Together with the local consultants, COWI and Arkitema have carried out site due diligence studies and prepared associated reports during the initial phase of the project. Design development comprises design of a master plan, schematic design and design development for the complete manufacturing facility. In addition, our assistance includes client's representative services, quality assurance and follow-up during the detailed design phase and construction. The services delivered comprise project management and design of all architectural and engineering services, including landscaping and infrastructure, building design, structures, civil works, mechanical systems, electrical systems, fire prevention measures and sustainability aimed at achieving LEED Platinum certification.

Some of the key parameters for timely progress in the large-scale, interdisciplinary project are a dedicated project team and focus on interdisciplinary coordination, communication and resource management within an ambitious time frame.

The LEGO Group facility in U.S.

Visualisation: LEGO / COWI/Arkitema


The U.S.


The LEGO Group

COWI A/S and Arkitema

160,000 m²

USD 1 billion

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