New future-proof urban district in the heart of Copenhagen

The Posten project is one of the largest urban development projects in Copenhagen in recent years. The vision is to convert a previous mail sorting terminal into a green, attractive and dynamic urban space right in the middle of the Danish capital.

The district will provide for 6,000 jobs, 500 residents and more than 20,000 visitors per day. The area will house Danske Bank’s new domicile, a multi-user building and five round, architectural apartment towers. Below the buildings, a four-storey plinth with equipment rooms, storage and a waterproof parking basement will be established to ensure that the buildings will be able to resist flooding as a result of global climate changes.

The aim of the office domicile is to achieve the sustainability certification LEED Gold version 4, which means that the construction must comply with specific requirements regarding energy, water management, construction process and materials. This will ensure a solid and future-proof construction which is optimised in terms of energy consumption and maintenance.

Among other things, the domicile will accommodate an open office space for 350 employees presenting major requirements for acoustics. To ensure an optimum solution various types of ceiling and the resulting acoustics were tested in a virtual reality model. This allowed the client to select both ceiling and roof on an informed and well-founded basis.

Since the Posten complex will be situated close to the central station of Copenhagen (Hovedbanegården) there are also significant requirements regarding safety and logistics in order avoid noise – and vibrations from the trains.

COWI is responsible for all engineering project planning such as demolition, concrete surveys, groundwater management, constructions, installations, energy and indoor climate, acoustics, fire consultancy, rail safety and cloudburst protection.


Copenhagen, Denmark

2015 - 2024

Project Nord P/S


  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Scanning and modelling of existing conditions
  • Demolition of existing terminal building
  • Excavations
  • Groundwater
  • Design of new parking basement and technical facilities
  • New office premises and high-rise residential buildings, including constructions and mechanical and electrical installations
  • Fireproofing
  • Energy solutions
  • Acoustics
  • Wind simulations
  • LEED planning
  • Certification

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