Sports and Culture Campus in Gellerup

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Sports and Culture Campus Gellerup is scheduled to be ready late 2020 as a key component of the masterplan for the Gellerup area, located west of Aarhus. Gellerup is characterised by its multi-cultural community. This very diversity is incorporated in the functionality and appearance of the buildings, as well as the outdoor areas, which are to inspire activities and community for users and visitors.

The functional, inspiring and sustainable 7,000 m² area will be the heart of the new Gellerup. It will be a socially sustainable centre, and sustainability is also integrated in the choice of materials. To a high extent, timber is used, which – in addition to being a green choice – will also be visible to users and affect user behaviour. Sustainability is also integrated in energy consumption and indoor climate, since nature’s forces such as the wind, the sun and temperature differences will be used to secure a healthy indoor climate and reduce building energy consumption.

The project will feature communal buildings, a library, a world square, a circus centre and a world café. The ambition for Sports and Culture Campus Gellerup is to open up the area and to create an urban space that is attractive to both locals and foreign visitors.

COWI acts as consulting engineer on the project.


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