Green screening and energy optimisation of housing

Energy Solutions

Public housing is in need of energy optimisation. That will lead to lower electricity and heating bills, improve indoor climate and be a valuable contribution to the green transition of the Danish society. COWI's method for green screening and energy optimisation of public housing builds on years of experience with innovative projects in energy optimisation, digitalisation and renewable energy sources.

We use the tools PVT-BAT and Smart Autotuning, which use intelligent data about the buildings, the electricity and heating consumption of the housing association, the current interest level, financing, electricity rates etc. to determine which size of solar cells and battery storage can secure the best operating result for the residents.

The method provides an overview of the possibilities of optimising the total energy consumption and climate footprint of the housing association, while ranking possible investments based on their financial and climate advantages.




The National Building Foundation and local departments of housing associations. In the period up to 2026, the National Building Foundation has earmarked funds to realise a long list of masterplans for 453 departments of housing associations covering 72,000 homes. To ensure greener masterplans, the foundation requires that a green screening and green reassessment be carried out.


  • Analysis of masterplan and energy label report
  • Project management and information meetings
  • Analysis of savings potential by using PVT-BAT and Smart Autotuning
  • Assessment of scope of investment, earning potential for residents as well as climate gains
  • Presentation of screening.

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