New design streamlines offshore wind farm installation

Wind energy Solutions

Offshore wind has a vital role in the green transition. Thanks to the new "TP-less" monopile design that we developed together with our customers and partners, placing wind turbines into the sea has become easier than ever.

The new design has only one main structural element, the monopile, which eliminates the need for a transition piece (TP), traditionally used to help the wind turbine's verticality tolerance. Thanks to new developments in offshore installment procedures, the monopile can now be driven so precisely that the verticality can be adjusted using a pile gripper. Therefore, the turbine can stay within the tolerance even without a TP.

This solution minimises the need for heavy offshore lifts and makes installation smoother, faster, and more flexible. Moreover, it not only saves cost and time during installation, but improves the turbines’ lifetime cost by reducing inspection durations.

As an additional bonus, using TP-less monopiles can boost local steel production as the smaller, secondary elements can be produced by a wider range of suppliers.

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