Significant reduction of greenhouse gas emissions

To avoid dumping waste in open dump sites, 120 tons/day of municipal solid waste will be taken to a drying and sorting plant, which will process the waste and produce refuse-derived fuel.

The local cement factory Holcim Lafarge will then use the waste as a substitute for fossil fuel in the manufacture of cement. This way, greenhouse gas emissions are reduced significantly and waste management is also immensely improved, to the benefit of the environment and not least to the many people who live near or work at the dump sites.

ESP3/DANIDA is providing mechanical and electrical equipment, including shredders, sieves, separators, conveyer belts, and bio-drying technology. The national and local government is contributing the buildings and civil works.

The project is part of COWI’s role to assist the Danish Embassy in Jakarta, Indonesia, with the implementation of environmentally friendly and sustainable energy pilot projects in Central Java.


Cilacap Central Java, Indonesia


Danish Embassy in Jakarta/Foreign Ministry/DANIDA


  • Design reviews and supplementary designs.
  • Production of tender dossiers, following Danish procurement rules,
  • Contract preparation under the FIDIC Plant and Design-Build conditions (the "Yellow book")
  • International tendering
  • FIDIC Engineer – supervision and assistance to the Client in Contract Management

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