Biomass-fired plant to take Helsingør a step closer to CO₂ neutrality

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Energy Solutions

Helsingør aims to be one of the municipalities with the lowest greenhouse gas emissions per inhabitant in the country, and has therefore set a target to reduce emissions of CO₂ to less than a tonne per inhabitant by 2030 and to be CO₂ neutral in 2050.

As part of this plan, Forsyning Helsingør is building a new biomass-fired CHP plant generating 61 MJ/sec of heat and 16 MW of electricity. The new CHP plant, switching production from natural gas to wood chips, will be a beacon for green and sustainable energy supplies for the municipality of Helsingør.

Paludan Gottlieb Architects is responsible for the architectural design and Tredje Natur for the landscaping, while COWI is acting as project design manager and technical consultant to all of the engineering disciplines, including building and installation works and power plant processes.

The building and installation works will be specially designed to provide optimum support to the processing facilities, and COWI is planning the technical processes that link the main contracts together: fuel handling, boiler management, flue gas scrubbing and turbines. Here, the project draws on COWI’s expertise and experience of handling complex and technically difficult processes.




Helsingør Kraftvarmeværk A/S


  • Project design and consulting on power plant facilities and building and construction disciplines incl. installations
  • Project design management
  • Fire engineering
  • Construction management, supervisory control and follow-up in the implementation phase

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