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The George Massey Crossing carries Highway 99 under the Fraser River between the communities of Richmond and Delta, near Vancouver, British Columbia. The Provincial Government investigated various options for increasing the capacity of the crossing. The crossing is a major north-south connector and a key goods movement route, with a mix of agricultural, commercial, and residential lands directly adjacent to the highway on either side of the river.

COWI was the Prime Consultant responsible for a multi-disciplinary team that provided technical services and conceptual level design services to develop different crossing options.

Phase 1: Working with Local Stakeholders, the Ministry started with 18 options, and quickly narrowed this down to 6 options – two bored tunnel options, two immersed tube tunnel options, and two bridge options. COWI developed technical solutions for all six short-listed options, including alignment, structure configurations, property impacts, and approximate total project costs for each. The Ministry and Local Stakeholders then selected the recommended option to move forward with to public consultation.

Phase 2: Working in support of developing the Business Case for the Project, COWI refined the design and construction sequence of the 8-lane long-span bridge and 8-lane immersed tube tunnel (ITT) options.

The client ultimately selected a new eight-lane ITT to replace the existing four-lane George Massey Tunnel, and will also remove the existing tunnel, providing people with a toll-free crossing that aligns with regional interests and an active transportation connection across the Fraser River. The ITT will feature two four-lane roadway tubes with a dedicated bus-only transit lane in each direction and an additional five-meter-wide tube for pedestrians and cyclists.

Fun Fact

In 1995 COWI acquired the design wing of Christiani and Nielsen, who then designed and built the original Massey Tunnel (in fact, they developed the concept for the rectangular concrete tunnel arrangement).


Near Vancouver, BC, Canada


TI Corporation, on behalf of the BC Ministry of Transportation & Infrastructure


  • Project Management for various subconsultants and provided the technical leadership for the project
  • Conceptual design of immersed tube tunnel (ITT) option
  • Conceptual design of long-span bridge option
  • Independent review of depth and constructability of Bored Tunnel Option
  • Geotechnical design services for the bridge and ITT Options
  • Order of magnitude costing for all crossing options
  • 3D Renderings for all crossing options
  • Conceptual design of temporary works for the ITT option
  • Constructability assessment for the ITT and long span bridge options
  • BIM modeling for the construction sequence of the ITT option
  • Condition assessment of the existing George Massey Tunnel
  • Support for Stakeholder consultation

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