One of the biggest-ever projects in Norway

Roads and Highways Solutions
When it started, the collaborative project to develop road and rail links between Minnesund and Kleverud/Labbdalen was one of the biggest road projects on Norwegian soil.The project includes some of the largest individual contracts ever signed in the Norwegian construction industry.

COWI planned the FP3 section from Strandlykkja to Kleverud/Labbdalen, which is the biggest single contract in the joint project. It is also the section with the most road and structures and with the biggest challenges associated with water and drainage.

Among other things, it involved planning 10 km of four-lane E6 motorway, two level crossings and a 700-metre two-bore tunnel, and two picnic areas. Plans were also produced for 11 km of secondary roads, 5 km of footpaths and cycle paths, and 5 km of new double track for the Dovrebanen line. The four-lane section also meant planning several bridges, including two on the E6.

This was the first collaborative project planned by COWI in full BIM from day one. COWI helped to test and develop digital platforms for interdisciplinary collaboration, and has since adopted BIM and 3D design as standard in its infrastructure projects.

COWI’s landscape architects also played a key role in designing the picnic areas. These were part of the brief to create visual elements that drivers would pass every three minutes to counter drowsiness.


Between Minnesund and Kleverud/Labbdalen, Norway

2010 - 2016

Norwegian Public Roads Administration and Norwegian National Rail Administration


  • Roads
  • Water and drainage
  • Lighting
  • Structures
  • Landscape architecture
  • Noise reduction
  • External environment
  • H&S
  • RAMS
  • Geotechnics
  • Geological engineering
  • Electrical


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