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Infrastructure Solutions

Nærheden is no run-of-the-mill suburb; it is a brand new type of suburb. The new Copenhagen suburb combines the density and vibrant life of the city with the green, recreational common areas of the suburb and the possibility of having your own private outdoor area.

Nærheden will provide the settings for community and green, sustainable urban life. The new 65-hectare suburb will hold 3,000 homes. All row houses, villas and apartments will border on small or big common areas, which can be used for various activities. At the same time, the mix of homes, businesses, stores, school, child-care institutions and sports facilities will ensure a vibrant city, in the day-time and evenings.

The modern and sustainable city must be future-proof. Therefore, homes are energy-efficient and there is easy access to public transit, optimum conditions for pedestrians and cyclists, as well as abundant green and sustainable open spaces. Nærheden also offers a range of sharing-schemes, including shared cars and shared guestrooms and office workstations.

COWI is main consultant.


Hedehusene, Denmark

2015 - 

Nærheden P/S


  • Main consultancy
  • Design
  • Coordination of utility works
  • Roads, paths and squares
  • Management of stormwater and wastewater
  • Climate adaptation

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