New bus terminal on a platform over the railway

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The existing bus terminal in Oslo is now handling more than twice as many departures as it was originally designed for, so it has reached full capacity.
The assignment included the production of a conceptual study, technical/architectural pre-project and development plan and impact analysis.

The conceptual study was completed in 2013, and showed that placing the bus terminal on a platform above the railway tracks did most to meet the goals and delivered the greatest socio-economic benefit. On this basis, work started on a development plan and impact analysis for such a solution.

The assignment is technically and structurally challenging. The soil conditions at Oslo Central Station are difficult, with a long way down to the rock in places, which imposes restrictions on foundation methods.
Moreover, the construction of a new bus terminal over the tracks at Oslo Central is bound to affect rail traffic and large flows of people over a relatively long construction period.


Oslo, Norway

2012 - 2018

Ruter AS

COWI's services:

COWI is handling the conceptual study, technical pre-project and development, with impact assessments in several areas, including:

  • Geotechnics
  • Building and construction
  • Railway engineering
  • Roads and traffic
  • Environment
  • Public finances/benefit calculations
  • Area plan including public planning process.



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