Population forecasts help municipalities to plan welfare services

It is important for Danish municipalities to know their population figures and trends in order to be best placed to deliver the services that they are responsible for.

Using the Demografix forecasting model, COWI is helping more than half of Danish municipalities to calculate how their population is likely to grow for the municipality as a whole and for individual districts and age groups. For the municipal authorities, this is essential input to capacity planning and budgeting within childcare, school and old age provision, for example.

Demografix enables the municipalities to model different scenarios and test what increased residential development would do to the number of children of nursery and school age broken down by district, and to see how capacity needs to be adjusted if the rate of house provision changes.

With the data entered into the model, it is also possible to examine where people moving into new residential areas are coming from and the composition of the households in the new homes.

56 municipalities are using the Demografix forecasting model in 2018.



2007 -

56 Danish municipalities


  • Model development
  • Data updates
  • Consultancy support for the municipalities in connection with forecast calculations

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