turning industrial sites into an attractive neighbourhood

Photo: Team Vandkunsten

Stigsborg Waterfront is a large urban redevelopment project located on the waterfront, close to the city centre of Aalborg in Denmark.

The City and Port of Aalborg carried out a coordinated planning process to redevelop industrial sites into 400,000m2 of private and public housing, retail and office space, and a new school. 7,500 new inhabitants are expected to move into the neighbourhood in the next 25-30 years.

In 2017, the City of Aalborg, PFA and A. Enggaard A/S established a public-private development company to carry out the first phase with approx. 188,000m2 of buildings.

The ambitious development plan encompasses strategic, physical and economic planning. A large part of the site sits on a former chemical plant, and extensive environmental surveys and plans have been carried-out to ensure a safe, healthy and attractive neighbourhood.

COWI has carried out a wide range of consultancy services. We worked closely with architects Team Vandkunsten, and financial and commercial property advisers, to create the urban redevelopment plan.



2013 – 2017

City of Aalborg and Port of Aalborg


  • Client consultancy services
  • Process planning
  • Surveys of contaminated soil
  • Infrastructure analyses
  • Urban redevelopment strategies
  • Evaluation of geotechnical analyses
  • Cost estimates in relation to urban redevelopment
  • Strategic impact assesments

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