Stengårdsvej – from ghetto to a city in balance

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Stengårdsvej in Esbjerg has been on the Danish government’s list of ghettos for years. In a cooperation between Realdania, Esbjerg Municipality and the housing association Boligforeningen Ungdomsbo, Team COWI prepared a holistic, strategic development plan that aims to transform Stengårdsvej from a socially vulnerable to a socially sustainable area. The project is part of Realdania’s “Cities in balance” campaign.

The strategic development plan applies a 360-degree approach. The development contains a physical and a strategic layer, while uncovering the investment perspective in the area, which is summarised in a time schedule and stage plan with a 30-year perspective. The goal is to develop Stengårdsvej into a vibrant, attractive district for residents and investors by implementing a number of strategic and physical measures. Team COWI also prepared a compulsory development plan for Stengårdsvej.

A key element in transforming the Stengårdsvej area into an integrated district of Esbjerg is establishing a mix of residential types as well as local functions that appeal to a broad target group and thereby pique the interest of investors and Esbjerg’s inhabitants. It has to have something to offer.

Team COWI provides consultancy on the project, COWI being main consultant and Byrumklang and JAJA Architects being sub-consultants.


Esbjerg, Danmark

2018 - 2019


  • Realdania
  • Esbjerg Municipality
  • Boligselskabet Ungdomsbo.


  • Process design
  • Project management
  • Strategic and market-driven urban development
  • Mapping of investors and dialog.

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